Complete Alcohol Test Courses:

Welcome to Transmetron Training!  We offer the following courses:

  • DOT Urine Drug Screen Collector
  • DOT Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT)
  • DOT Screening Test Technician (STT)
  • DOT Supervisor Training
  • DOT Employee Training
  • non-DOT Courses:  Urine Drug Screen Collector, Rapid Urine Drug Screening, Saliva Drug Test Screening, Hair Drug Test Collection, Breath Alcohol Technician and Alcohol Screening Test Tecnician.

Although Transmetron has been performing drug test training since 2003, this website is new and does not currently contain all of our training courses.  We are continually adding new courses and updating the courses we do have to provide the most up to date and comprehensive training available.

For more information on any of our courses, please give us a call at 801-596-2709.